Non NHS Work

The NHS does not pay for some of the services we provide. These services are not part of the NHS service to our patients and we therefore charge at rates recommended by the British Medical Association.

Charges are as follows:

Travel Vaccinations



Hepatitis B

£38.00 per dose (£110.00 for 3 dose course if paid on the first visit)

Meningococcal Meningitis ACWY



£60.00 per dose

Yellow Fever


Yellow Fever (replacement certificate)


Anti-malaria prescription


Fit to travel letter


Holiday cancellation insurance form


International certificate


Insurance Reports/Forms

GPR : life report (Aviva/Metlife /Capita/etc)


Further information

£30 – £50

Patient health report (incl. mental health)

£30 – £50

Power of attorney


TWIMC letter (statement of fact)




Passport form (if you are well known to your GP)


Medicals and Reports



Pre-employment medicals exam/report


Pro-forma report (no exam 30mins)


Extract from records (letter 15mins )



£50.00 – For completion of form only

£100.00 – For completion of form and Medical appoinmtment

Army medical


In many instances you will be asked to pay the fee before the work is undertaken. This fee can be paid by cash or card at reception.

For more information please visit the British Medical Association’s website at: BMA – Why GPs sometimes charge fees